A Weekend In The City.

1. Antique whiskey bottle. 2. Christian carrying our new-to-us chair home from the antique store. 3. Ebony, handcrafted South African sculpture. 4. My new nook getting set up with a brand new chair. 5. Already knitting in my new crafting/reading nook in the study. 6. My modern take on the classic pearl necklace and layers on chiffon. 7. & 8. Christian’s finds: a Canadian Forces helmet from WWII and a working 8mm from the 1950s.

Had a relaxing weekend in the city. Did the usual market ritual Saturday morning with Christian but we also checked out the local source market and a little bakery this weekend. Sunday morning we did brunch and did the rounds of some of the antiques shops and an auction house in the neighbourhood. We actually managed to add a bunch of things to the study and make it a liveable space for me (previously it was basically a book shelf, Christian’s computer and his mountain bike). First off the list was a simple table we picked up  at a big box store. Then, today we picked up an beautiful 1960s wicker chair so I could have a reading area and  place to relax. Some other knick knacks we grabbed were the WWII helmet, the South African sculpture, the vintage 8mm, and the whiskey bottle.

I’m also knitting a ottoman/pouf for the room in a dove grey and we previously had an orchid, as well as some lovely string lights with leafy, flower shades (gifted to me from my lovely friend, Sarah) so I think the area will be really homey and relaxing. I’m also excited about the merlot coloured blouse I picked up at American Apparel on Friday. I’ve been obsessed with chiffon layers for the past couple months and think it’s so gorgeous to paired with a subtle glimpse of black lace underneath.

Cheers for now,


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