A Little Preppy/Casual.

My love of chiffon was tempered today by my stubborn attitude over wanting to go jacket-free outside.While it has been sunny and warm there is still been a bitter chill to the wind – harbour town!- which has left me scrambling back inside for a jacket every time I leave the house. Today, I still went for a semi-sheer blouse but paired it with a lightweight sweater. As luck would have it the wind was pretty calm and I managed to go the whole day jacketless (yay!).

Also, even though I’m barefoot in these photos I did have serious shoe envy all day long. For the past few months I’ve been lusting after a beautiful pair of lemon pumps that I could wear with jeans. The other day, I discovered these beauties from Aldo and have been craving them ever since. Exhibit A, though you can’t really see it in the photos I painted my nails a brilliant, true yellow colour in homage to the shoes I wish I could wear (saving up for them now!).

I have to admit I’m still getting used to having my picture taken. As strange as it sounds – having started a fashion blog – I’m relatively uncomfortable with having my picture taken. Thankfully, Christian talked me through most of it and kept me laughing through it so I wasn’t quite so stiff.


* Item was thrifted by my dear friend Terri Dawn, and gifted to me later.


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