Back to Basics: Primary School.

Jeans – Harlow Premium; Tee – Daydreamer LA; Tank – market*; Boots – Joe Fresh; Earrings – model’s own design; Rings – model’s own design; Purse – gifted**.

Lately, I’ve been trying to think about what exactly IS my style. I think it’s a by-product of thoughts surrounding my choice to start a fashion blog, and really things I’ve been wondering about ever since I started to really think about style. While I still find the line between what I like and what I like to wear somewhat differentiated there are some basic components I can definitely say reflect what is my style.

I loooove basics. Elegantly simple with some touches of great detail really get to me – in a good way. Think of simple, feminine tees with a great drape, straight leg jeans and statement or unique accents. Even just a simple tailoring element or detail like the lattice work on the tank above.

Also, I am innately a fan of contrast – although it might have something to do with being a redhead and always being clothed in blue and green. You can see from this week’s outfit that I’m no stranger to strong colour combinations, but I have to admit, lately I’ve been breaking from tradition and it now longer feels like a signature. However, I definitely still love to highlight my autumn colouring¬† – playing with more mustard yellow, coral and rust colours as of late.

I would also say I dress casually feminine. Maybe not in a traditional sense – I love a good jean and tee combo! – but I love feminine touches. Beautiful, fabrics that feel like a dream; a tee cut on the bias or draped to perfectly flatter curves; definition to the waist, I love it all. It also explains the obsession with sheer blouses and black lace intimates.

As a side note, I didn’t realize until I went down to take pictures this evening that I was dressed all in primaries. Photos: Christian Hapgood.


* Purchased at a market stall during a visit to Ecuador. ** A gift from Terri Dawn (again) all the way from Aussie-land.


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