My Designs: Turquoise Bracelet.

I’d previously made an Indian-style bracelet like this before; however, I was never completely happy with it. After scouring Pinterest and seeing a few more examples of bracelets and chain jewelry this morning, I was inspired anew. I tried it again this time with layers of chain (silver and copper) and one beautiful turquoise coin.

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually had the chance to make jewelry too, but I might have the bug again. I’m thinking about following the trend and making a chain crown/headband, but I also saw a BEAUTIFUL chain sleeve/epaulette by Fleet Jewelry which I am so inspired by and cannot wait to get started making my own version – just need to save up the money to buy some quality chain for it.

As far as this bracelet goes I’m pretty happy with the result. When I showed it to Christian he said it was “different” which I wasn’t sure how to take until he saw my expression and clarified that he did like it (boyfriends, ha!). We’ll see how well I can introduce it into my wardrobe over the next little bit. I’ve been thinking I needed a different kind of bracelet. Check back later to see how I wore it today!


Also, in case any of you were wonder my nails are painted with Joe Fresh nail polish in Pumpkin. You can also find a.d follow me on Pinterest here.


2 thoughts on “My Designs: Turquoise Bracelet.

  1. This is so beautiful! I bought a Topshop one of these a while ago, but it does not compare in the slightest!

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