A Weekend on the Waterfront.

1. Trying out my floppy hat 2-3. Shots of Barrington St. 4. DIY ear wrap (still working on it) 5-9. Peggy’s Cove.

Instead of hitting up the Seaport Farmer’s Market this Saturday Christian and I decided to head down further down the harbour front and play the role of tourists in our new city. We wandered around the shops and stalls, debated taking a harbour cruise and eventually settled down to have lunch at The Battered Fish stall on the boardwalk. I got fish and chips with a ginger beer and Christian picked up a seafood sampler filled with coconut shrimp, haddock and extra scallops (they ran out of clams right as we got there). The place actually reminded me of Red Fish Blue Fish for those who’ve been to Victoria, BC. After that we just wandered around the downtown – which surprisingly we haven’t done much of since moving.
Sunday, we puttered around the house most of the day until Christian decided to take a drive to Peggy’s Cove to take some photos and watch the sunset. I hadn’t been to the cove since I was a little kid so it was actually really beautiful to see again. Even the drive itself which was only about 40 minutes was really beautiful – I couldn’t stop gushing over the adorable fishing villages and harbour vistas.



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