Lazy Sunday Afternoons.

1-3. Quick shots of the outfit of the day. // 4-5. Some of the day’s foodie creations. // 6. Beautiful sunset from the kitchen window.

There may be a few more instagram shots of my outfits for the next little bit. Christian is away for the next couple days on a sail, and has a couple more in the near future so I’m going to have to take over photographer duties. However, his camera is far beyond my abilities so I’m going to have to learn to use it soon or the images on here might start to get stale.

My Sunday’s been pretty lazy thus far. I had a nice chat with my beautiful mum this evening – Happy Mother’s day! I cannot even try to express the gratitude and love I have for that strong woman. She raised a fine little brood between my brothers and I. I wish I could’ve made it home to spend some time with her, but even the quick chat we had was lovely.

Other than that though I really just puttered around the house all afternoon. I took a little time to make a small batch of oatmeal cookies (with walnuts and cranberries!) and also some yoghurt and berry popsicles. Still, despite the lack of action in my day it was a lovely, lazy Sunday topped off with a beautiful sunset.



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