Spotlight on Halifax: North End

In the time that I’ve lived here I’ve noticed that Halifax’s North end is a real eclectic mix. There are ultra modern contemporary homes nestled among heritage homes from both before and after the 1917 explosion. There’s also a colourful slant to many of the heritage homes – I’ve never seen such a large number of lime, magenta, tangerine and violet doors or trim in my life! It is a style that most of the rest of Canada doesn’t seem to partake in – perhaps, with the exception of St John’s, NF. It’s also almost like my own personal Cinque Terra – well, not quite (at all) but a girl can dream.

It’s also wonderful that in the matter of a couple block you shift from working class neighbourhoods to gentile and back again. Commercial, residential and a little bit of trade/industrial are mixed together on almost every street, not to mention the Atlantic Fleet of Canada’s navy is primarily based in the North End. It’s seems to be an area of the city that is undergoing swift change but also maintains a strong hold on its roots.

I’ve featured the a handful of neighbourhood shots mixed into a couple other posts before now here and here, but I hope you like this feature a little bit more. I might try making it a regular installment. Let me know what you think!



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