Rose Gardens and Tortoiseshell Kitties

Top: thrifted // Jeans: old Old Navy // Flats: Aldo // Earrings: handmade

If you know me, you probably know that I love kitties. I’d probably be a crazy cat lady but I’ve shacked myself up with a man who is extremely allergic – also a cat lover, but extremely allergic nonetheless. On the bright side there are about a million – mild exaggeration but, still a great number – of cats in my neighbourhood. I usually pass – and pet – at least two when walking anywhere from my house on any given day. One of these kitties is the little tortoiseshell/tabby kitty (seen above) that belongs to my neighbours. Sometimes I see the friendly little thing waiting on my deck when I come home from drinks with friends.

Anyway, long story short I love cats and when one decided to drop in for a visit mid-shoot I didn’t really mind.

Changing gears, I think this shirt might be one of my favourite thrifted finds which I pick up from a little store on Agricola st. called, Lost & Found Art Vintage Kitsch. The pastel colours are perfect on my skin and it plays so well with the green briolette earrings I made myself recently (better photos of those to come soon). The floral print is also beautiful and I always feel as though I’m walking around wearing my personal rose garden.

Speaking of thrift finds, I’ve made a promise to myself that should have an interesting affect on this blog. In honour of keeping my pocketbook intact and challenging myself a little I have decided to only buy sale items or thrifted items for the rest of the year. Not really the hardest challenge out there but it should be fun trying to keep it up. I have a few things that I am specifically looking for so I look forward to hunting through racks of clothes for a pair of high-waisted denim jeans, a lightweight cashmere or crocheted top, a new structured, utilitarian leather bag, and a great pair of brogues/loafers/oxfords. Halifax has some amazing thrift stores – curated and non – so, let the games digging begin!

What percentage of your shopping comes from thrift shopping? Have any tips for thrifting you’d like to share? Leave a comment and let us in on the secret!



5 thoughts on “Rose Gardens and Tortoiseshell Kitties

  1. OK, that cat is awesome! I’m lucky to have two cats now after growing up without pets. I always had a neighborhood friend cat though, and I always named him/her Tinkerbell. I think the thrift store challenge is a stellar idea. Can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Before I would say 70% is thirfted! But now I’d probably be down to 40%!!! online shopping has got the best of me!! Plus it’s stylish in melboune to be sporting vintage finds so everything is like minimum $100.00!!! I miss frenchies, jinglers and great value? I think Thats what it was called!
    Xx Linda Chai

    • I love online shopping – although to be honest it’s mostly window shopping… but A LOT of window shopping :P
      I’m actually really excited to do more thrift shopping, there’s an amazing street full of thrift stores down the corner from my work which is amazing – dangerous, but amazing. You would adore it :) There was an amazing pair of silk harem pants for like $35 in one of the stores.

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