Shades of Green.

Shirt: American Apparel // Shorts: Joe Fresh // Flats: Aldo // Earrings: handmade // Ring: gift // Nails: Sally Hansen – mint serbet

Thought I’d grab some photos beside my favourite of graffiti “friends” Moe and Joe. As I’ve been living in this city longer I’ve actually noticed that they pop up everywhere around the North end. I saw one of them hitching a ride on the back of a delivery truck. They also appear behind one of my favourite local, microbreweries.

Looking back on this outfit it was a whole lot of shades of green – which is fine, I’m pretty sure it’s one of my favourite colours. I loved that mint was one of the big colours in the past season. I preferred the soft pastels to the neon trend x about a million. I’ve been trying to find more items that have a softness to them, or an inherent femininity in them. I so look forward to a little thrift shopping next week – I already have a date with one of my lovely friends, Sarah to make some rounds!

This hairstyle seems to have integrated itself into my summer ‘uniform.’ I can’t remember the last time the humidity here dropped below 70% and it’s impossible to hold any other style in my incredibly defiant, thick hair. This week has been even worse with rain and fog – no word of a lie, the humidex has been at 100% for the entire work week. Ugh! Oh well, luckily I love the top knot for its simplicity and ease so I welcome it with open arms into my regular beauty/style repertoire.

Well, it’s a long weekend across Canada this weekend, so enjoy it! The weather looks like it should be beautiful here, so I expect the smell of BBQ to permeate through the streets before the skies take a turn for the worse again.



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