Secondhand News

Tank: thrifted // Shorts: thrifted // Bag: thrifted // Bangles: Black Market Boutique // Earrings: handmade. Photos: Christian Hapgood. 

Above is an outfit made up – almost – entirely of thrift finds that I picked up along with my leather bag last week. I love the lightness and soft femininity of this tank. The shorts are a true find. I have a little waist and comparatively bigger hipsso, finding high-waited jeans or shorts has proved really difficult in the past. These shorts however, are a match made in heaven. The waist/hip fit is better than any pair of jeans, shorts, or otherwise than ANY other pair I’ve had before. I love them!

Keep an eye out for a new serial instalment on the blog. My lovely and insanely stylish friend in Australia, Linda and I have been working on coming up with some joint posts in the coming weeks were we each showcase our own take on a fashion theme. Coming soon: monochromatic. Hint: something from this post will be featured again! ;)

Chat soon,


8 thoughts on “Secondhand News

  1. I wish that I could wear that colour top without looking like I am sick and dying!! It looks amazing on you! And I want those earrings!! They are stunning!! Is that a quartz on the bottom? I know that you made them! They are so you! hehehe and You are making me so jealous with that bag!!! WANT!!!
    Xx Linda Chai

    • I think you’re being a little harsh on yourself. Thank you lovely! The earrings are aquamarine and labradorite – a really pretty stone that is opalescent like moonstone (or opals, haha) but are grey and flash blue and green. :)

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