Theme: Monochromatic. White Hot Summer.

Blouse: RW&co // Shorts: thrifted // Headscarf: Vintage/”borrowed” from mum // Shoes: Aldo. Photos: Christian Hapgood.

My lovely friend, Linda Chai and I have been working on a series of tandem/collaborative posts in order to each see how we each style an outfit similarly or differently within the same theme. For our inaugural dual/tandem/collaborative/whatchamawhosit post we decided to go with the theme, monochromatic. Although, it does appear both of us cheated on the shoe front and maybe I did with the headscarf front but I cheekily decided that it blended with my hair enough.

I almost had to laugh when Linda sent me her first picture. The outfit I was originally planning to wear was a peach trouser/tank combo, but after picking up these awesome white denim shorts decided to switch my colour. Funny, because Linda and I have always found we have similar taste but overall different personal style – the reason why we thought these tandem posts would be fun!

I also kind of love the juxtaposition of the seasons between these two photos. Being down-under Linda’s in the tail end of Australian winter, while I’m still sitting in the balmiest part of the Canadian summer. I’m sure things will be QUITE different when the shoe is on the other foot though. I imagine our winter’s are a little more intense up here ;)

Anyway, please check out Miss Chai’s blog for more images of her lovely peachy/coral colour combo. I’d recommend checking back frequently because her Aussie-Canuck fusion style and envy inducing Rapunzel-esque locks are AMAZING. ;)

Happy weekend!

Ali xx


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