Goldenrod and Dreamcatchers.

Tee: Everly via Biscuit General Store // Jeans: Harlow Premium Denim // Boots: Joe Fresh // Bag: vintage // Necklace: handmade gift

The summer’s beginning to wind down here and I’ve been fully embracing the influx of fall colours into my wardrobe. I’ve been absolutely enamoured with the mustard and ochre shades of yellow lately. I knew when I picked this Everly tee in the Spring that it would take me well into the fall.

I have to admit, while I’m sad about leaving behind the hot and humid summers here I can’t wait for autumn – my favourite season. It’s so lovely to be able to walk places and not be over heated after 5 minutes in the sun. I love playing with the layers and textures of autumn – something that I struggle to make work in the summer heat. And the colours of fall! Beautiful golden yellow, shades of wine and burgundy, emerald and jade I can’t wait to incorporate them all into my wardrobe.

In a quick change of subject I would love to point out my necklace – and don’t worry this one is not another moment of self promotion – made for me by a dear friend last Christmas. Between the little freshwater pearls, turquoise and crystal laced into the dreamcatcher design I absolutely love it. It’s so delicate and lovely. Merci Sarah ;).

Chat soon,


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