Bag: thrifted via Makenew // Bangles: Black Market // Earrings: handmade // Necklace: Cassiopeia Crystals via Makenew.

Jacket: thrifted via reNeu Boutique // Blouse: vintage Ralph Lauren (thrifted via Makenew) // Jeans: Harlow premium denim // Boots: Joe Fresh. Photos by Christian Hapgood.

Christian and I took a quick ride on the bike down to the south end of Halifax to visit Point Pleasant Park. It was really quite serene in the evening – although a wall of fog quickly brought the temperature down and I had to throw my jacket. I didn’t mind though, crazily enough I don’t wear this beautiful jacket enough. I have always been enamoured with the details of the lapel and epaulettes. I’ll need to brush the cobwebs off and pull it out more this autumn!

I paid a little visit to one of my favourite Halifax shops, Makenew earlier this week. Sometimes I almost wish I don’t stop in there everything is so lovely. I managed to pick up this beautiful silk blouse from Ralph Lauren there and I couldn’t believe my luck – it looks brand new!

In addition to a couple other beautiful finds I picked up this lovely crystal necklace by Cassiopeia Crystals. Apparently, the chains of the necklaces are reclaimed and they bring a real elegance to the stunning rough-cut crystals. I’ve been trying to pair it with every outfit I wear since I picked it up!


3 thoughts on “Oceanside.

    • Maybe I’m a little biased, but I definitely think the coasts of Canada are the most beautiful part of the country. Followed quickly by our mountains :P It’s too bad it’s so expensive the fly between the coasts often.

  1. Umm I am loving that top! And then when I read it is vintage R.L. I thought of course! Only you would be able to find the best designer vintage ever!! And that necklace is amazing too!! I just flew into Melbourne yesterday by the way!! We can have a skype sesh if you’re around…. !!
    Xx Linda Chai

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