The Mod Squad.

Trousers: thrifted via Makenew // Tee: Old Navy // Clutch: Bentley // Sunglasses: Biscuit // Necklaces: Biscuit and handmade. Photos: Christian Hapgood.

I absolutely ADORE these parachute-esque silk trousers that I picked up a couple of weeks ago. What a trip to have found them along with the Ralph Lauren blouse (which I featured in my last post) and a cool, nautical cardigan (coming soon). The trousers have an amazing lightness to them – almost like crepe. Not to mention I kind of feel like doing the MC Hammer dance every time I wear them.

I also really like that I pushed my comfort zone with these necklaces a little bit. I tend to be fairly demure with my accessories, but I felt that each necklace on its own was not enough for this outfit, so I piled on them both and I love the way it turned out to be a total statement. Because the earthy jasper tones in the beaded necklace blended with the antiqued gold of the other I find they sit really well together – something I really didn’t expect. I suppose I should follow my instinct more and go on a whim with my style!

Coming up: The lovely Linda Chai is back from the Outback, you should check out Youngonehunting to see all of her stylish desert looks. This also means we should be releasing another collaborative post shortly so, keep an eye out!

Chat soon,


9 thoughts on “The Mod Squad.

  1. I love everything about this outfit! I am tres jealous of all your late purchases!! The necklace you made is stunning! annnnd I want the antiqued goldish one! Where is it from!!?? Talk to you soon! xoxo

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