Gros Morne Recap

Well, hello all you lovely readers out there. I’ve made it back from the wilds of Newfoundland safe and sound! The trip was beautiful and we got to do almost every hike and see every site that we wanted to in the park. Plans have already started brewing for the next trip!

Above is a little recap of some of the major sites we visited. The first couple is island on the horizon from the ferry deck as well as the drive in from the Port-Aux-Basques ferry terminal. The next few pictures of orange, rocky land are of the Tablelands – an ancient ocean bed risen up above sea level by continental drift. After that you can see the stark difference between the Tablelands and the rest of the green, tree-filled mountains in the area as we hiked up to the top of Lookout trail. After that there’s a couple shots of a waterfall. The falls look small in this photo, but it’s only the top end the falls are actually a couple hundred meters tall! The next several photos are of the hike into and boat tour through the fjords of glacially formed Western Brook Pond – one of the purest bodies of water in the world. Finally, the last two photos are of the drive home through the Table Mountains – not the same as the Tablelands – and the ferry ride home again.

I’d encourage anyone to visit this beautiful province. We only got to see a tiny section of the island and it was magical. Christian and I already have a couple more trips to see the Northern coast where the vikings settled and icebergs flow as well as the Eastern coast around St. John’s the province’s capital.

Regular posts are coming soon!

Until next time,


Spotlight on Halifax: North End

In the time that I’ve lived here I’ve noticed that Halifax’s North end is a real eclectic mix. There are ultra modern contemporary homes nestled among heritage homes from both before and after the 1917 explosion. There’s also a colourful slant to many of the heritage homes – I’ve never seen such a large number of lime, magenta, tangerine and violet doors or trim in my life! It is a style that most of the rest of Canada doesn’t seem to partake in – perhaps, with the exception of St John’s, NF. It’s also almost like my own personal Cinque Terra – well, not quite (at all) but a girl can dream.

It’s also wonderful that in the matter of a couple block you shift from working class neighbourhoods to gentile and back again. Commercial, residential and a little bit of trade/industrial are mixed together on almost every street, not to mention the Atlantic Fleet of Canada’s navy is primarily based in the North End. It’s seems to be an area of the city that is undergoing swift change but also maintains a strong hold on its roots.

I’ve featured the a handful of neighbourhood shots mixed into a couple other posts before now here and here, but I hope you like this feature a little bit more. I might try making it a regular installment. Let me know what you think!


Playing Catch-up.

So, I’ve been terribly MIA this  week – sorry! Christian’s been away in NYC for fleet week which would’ve left the house feeling empty except that my lovely friend Sarah was visiting from the big smoke, Toronto. We’ve mostly been catching up and going out with friends so I hope that explains well enough why there haven’t been many posts this week! It’s been nice to share the house with a girl again, and we managed to fit in some vintage and thrift shopping in between late night chats and drinks so, overall a wonderful week. Also, the photos are still Instagram quality because I remain somewhat confused with Christian’s DSLR. I’ll be sure to get him to go over in detail next time before he leaves, I’m stunned when it comes to photography.

1 – 3. Lilac and lavender outfit with textured top and lace skirt // 4. My lovely orchid which I have somehow managed to coerce into blooming for another year. // 5. My graffiti friends, Moe and Joe. // 6. Sarah and her heart-shaped sunglasses. // 7. Open back and black lace. // 8. Sarah and I heading out to more friends’ for the night. // 9. Twilight walk.