My New Haircut.

I find I’m in a constant state of wanting to change something with my hair. I’ve put a lot of effort into growing it out to the length it is now over the past couple of years and I personally have no desire to dye my hair so what I’m left with is playing with my bangs. Even then, I’ve debated back and forth for a month whether or not it truly wanted to add bangs back to my (non) hairstyle. However, I decided to hell with it and made an appointment for today to cut my hair. I also cut a couple of inches off (that hurt a little bit) because it’s been about six months since my last cut and the ends were a little dead.

The above shot is my messy hair pre-cut. Below is some bang-spiration (ha!) from Sienna Miller and Bridget Bardot that I’ve had pinned on Pinterest for awhile now.
*These two images are (obviously) not my own, click on them to be linked back to the site’s where I found them through Google Image.

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Green Thumb.

Tank: Urban Planet, $1 clearance last summer // Skirt: thrifted/gifted by my lovely friend Nicole // Bag: vintage/gifted by my dear aunt Sue // Shoes: Aldo // Bracelets: Black Market Boutique // Necklace: handmade // Hat: Urban Outfitters // Nails: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in mint sorbet. Photos: Christian Hapgood.

The weather on the East Coast has been b-e-autiful this weekend. I mean absolutely gorgeous. Capitalizing on this and our last couple days together before his trip Christian and I potted a lot of our seedlings and began hardening them to prepare them for transplant to our window box veggie garden. We also sowed our carrots and radishes directly in the box so I’m looking forward lots of yummy vegetables care of my garden in a few weeks. Also, in the interest of filling my life with more flowers I transplanted lots of little marigold babies into a pot and am looking forward to seeing them in full bloom on the porch.

After the gardening was all finished we headed to a little cafe near to us and picked up some gelato and sorbetto – yum! Christian snapped these pics of me on the way back. There’s a yummy samosa in the brown bag if you’re curious.

Anyways, I’m off to enjoy more of this sun. Knowing Maritime weather it might not last long!