No One Likes A Nihilist.

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So Light Is Her Footfall.

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An Evening Stroll.

Blazer: thrifted // Scarf: handmade // Jeans: Harlow Premium // Flats: Aldo // Bag: vintage // Earrings: handmade. Photo: Christian Hapgood.

Christian and I took a stroll walking  the long way to some friends’ house yesterday to have a BBQ. Some of the back streets on the way are remarkably charming and pretty. With the grown up trees and 1910s architecture I love taking walks in the area. The only down sides to last night’s walk were a) I just picked up these new flats and the 20 minute walk (one way) was probably not the best opportunity to break them in and b) that the weather has cooled off this week and the rain is back.

Still, we Canadians know that any weather above 0’C is fine enough for a BBQ. It’s always worth it and this instance was no exception. We had pork and sweet pepper kebabs, roasted portobellos, potatoes, and extra peppers – yum!

In other news, when I picked these flats up the other day I decided to go for it and pick up those yellow pumps I mentioned a few posts ago. They were all out of my size in yellow though, so I had to order them in and the wait is killing me. After lusting after them for long I can’t wait to put them to work in my outfits. I’m sure it won’t be long until you see them pop up on here – the order status said they should be arriving tomorrow!

In the meantime, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have been playing around with the site’s appearance over the past little bit. I’m really liking the changes thus far, and there maybe a few more to come over the next little bit – nothing so dramatic though. I hope you guys are enjoying the changes as well – leave a comment and let me know what you think!