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Shades of Green.

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A Room With A View.

Trousers: BB Dakota // Blouse: RW & Co // Bracelets: handmade and Black Market Boutique // Earrings: handmade. Photos: Christian Hapgood

Finally an outfit post! It’s been a long while coming. Christian’s been pretty busy taking a bike course this week in order to get his license so, I took the initiative to edit the photos myself. I am a little new to the photo editing world so hopefully I didn’t screw them up too bad, haha.

Christian and I had the opportunity to spend a free night in a hotel suite downtown on Friday night and was the view – and the room – ever beautiful. The last shot above is from the living room window 6:00 AM in the morning looking out on Halifax harbour. It was such an awe-inspiring view. I had no problems getting up at such an early hour  on a Saturday when I had that scene to greet me.

I had to head to our room directly from work, so the outfit above is actually a what I wore to work on Friday. I have to admit I’ve been struggling a little bit sticking to the business casual dress code at my work. It’s not that I don’t love wearing trousers and blouses – I’ve always worn them anyways – it’s more so that my other choices seem to have dwindled. Some of the rules are more relaxed, like we can wear open toed shoes and dress sandals to work, but on the other hand we must ALWAYS wear pantyhose and the outfits themselves should be reasonably conservative. well, that’s my love of sheer blouses paired with black,  lacy undergarments out the window! Especially where I’ve only been employed there for a short time now I don’t want to push the boundaries before I’m confidant on where they lay. The outfit above is one that I felt kept to work’s standards and my own sense of style so maybe I’m coming along. All I can do is take it as a challenge to expand my style to more realms than casual dress.

Anyways, that’s all for now. I have the house to myself while Christian’s out doing the test for his motorcycle license so I want to make the most of it.