Playing Catch-up.

So, I’ve been terribly MIA thisĀ  week – sorry! Christian’s been away in NYC for fleet week which would’ve left the house feeling empty except that my lovely friend Sarah was visiting from the big smoke, Toronto. We’ve mostly been catching up and going out with friends so I hope that explains well enough why there haven’t been many posts this week! It’s been nice to share the house with a girl again, and we managed to fit in some vintage and thrift shopping in between late night chats and drinks so, overall a wonderful week. Also, the photos are still Instagram quality because I remain somewhat confused with Christian’s DSLR. I’ll be sure to get him to go over in detail next time before he leaves, I’m stunned when it comes to photography.

1 – 3. Lilac and lavender outfit with textured top and lace skirt // 4. My lovely orchid which I have somehow managed to coerce into blooming for another year. // 5. My graffiti friends, Moe and Joe. // 6. Sarah and her heart-shaped sunglasses. // 7. Open back and black lace. // 8. Sarah and I heading out to more friends’ for the night. // 9. Twilight walk.


Lazy Sunday Afternoons.

1-3. Quick shots of the outfit of the day. // 4-5. Some of the day’s foodie creations. // 6. Beautiful sunset from the kitchen window.

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Back to Basics: Primary School.

Jeans – Harlow Premium; Tee – Daydreamer LA; Tank – market*; Boots – Joe Fresh; Earrings – model’s own design; Rings – model’s own design; Purse – gifted**.

Lately, I’ve been trying to think about what exactly IS my style. I think it’s a by-product of thoughts surrounding my choice to start a fashion blog, and really things I’ve been wondering about ever since I started to really think about style. While I still find the line between what I like and what I like to wear somewhat differentiated there are some basic components I can definitely say reflect what is my style.

I loooove basics. Elegantly simple with some touches of great detail really get to me – in a good way. Think of simple, feminine tees with a great drape, straight leg jeans and statement or unique accents. Even just a simple tailoring element or detail like the lattice work on the tank above.

Also, I am innately a fan of contrast – although it might have something to do with being a redhead and always being clothed in blue and green. You can see from this week’s outfit that I’m no stranger to strong colour combinations, but I have to admit, lately I’ve been breaking from tradition and it now longer feels like a signature. However, I definitely still love to highlight my autumn colouringĀ  – playing with more mustard yellow, coral and rust colours as of late.

I would also say I dress casually feminine. Maybe not in a traditional sense – I love a good jean and tee combo! – but I love feminine touches. Beautiful, fabrics that feel like a dream; a tee cut on the bias or draped to perfectly flatter curves; definition to the waist, I love it all. It also explains the obsession with sheer blouses and black lace intimates.

As a side note, I didn’t realize until I went down to take pictures this evening that I was dressed all in primaries. Photos: Christian Hapgood.


* Purchased at a market stall during a visit to Ecuador. ** A gift from Terri Dawn (again) all the way from Aussie-land.