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Good Vibrations.

Kimono: Pins and Needles // Shorts: BB Dakota // Blouse: gifted/thrifted // Flats: Aldo // Earrings: handmade // Ring: Black Market Boutique. Photos: Christian Hapgood.

The weather lately has been absolutely gorgeous. This weekend is supposed to stay around 20’C and remain sunny the whole time – so exciting. So, in celebration of the brilliant weather I popped on some shorts and light layers today and  enjoyed the lovely weather. Lucky too since we’re planning on moving the seedling vegetables we’ve started into our window box veggie garden. We’ve got carrots, radishes, green onions, and leeks for the veggie garden and some cilantro for our herb garden. I also have some marigolds I’m planning on putting in a big pot for the front porch.

In other news, I love this kimono (which I picked up from Urban Outfitters in the winter). It is so great to throw on for a light layer and wears in all seasons. Also, it drapes so beautifully that it seems equally elegant and casual. Finally I broke in these flats and can wear them around town with without whimpering in pain 20 minutes in.

I have to apologize for the lack of updates lately. As I believe I’ve mentioned before, Christian’s been sailing so I’ve been put in charge of taking my own photos and I didn’t think a week of Instagram would be very interesting. Fortunately I’m getting a crash course on how to take pictures with Christian’s camera because he’s heading out on another sail soon and I don’t want to be left in a lurch again. Also, Diablo 3 did come out this week…

Sorry again for the tardiness!


ps: Happy Victoria day weekend to all the other commonwealthers!

Lazy Sunday Afternoons.

1-3. Quick shots of the outfit of the day. // 4-5. Some of the day’s foodie creations. // 6. Beautiful sunset from the kitchen window.

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