Playing Catch-up.

So, I’ve been terribly MIA thisĀ  week – sorry! Christian’s been away in NYC for fleet week which would’ve left the house feeling empty except that my lovely friend Sarah was visiting from the big smoke, Toronto. We’ve mostly been catching up and going out with friends so I hope that explains well enough why there haven’t been many posts this week! It’s been nice to share the house with a girl again, and we managed to fit in some vintage and thrift shopping in between late night chats and drinks so, overall a wonderful week. Also, the photos are still Instagram quality because I remain somewhat confused with Christian’s DSLR. I’ll be sure to get him to go over in detail next time before he leaves, I’m stunned when it comes to photography.

1 – 3. Lilac and lavender outfit with textured top and lace skirt // 4. My lovely orchid which I have somehow managed to coerce into blooming for another year. // 5. My graffiti friends, Moe and Joe. // 6. Sarah and her heart-shaped sunglasses. // 7. Open back and black lace. // 8. Sarah and I heading out to more friends’ for the night. // 9. Twilight walk.