So Light Is Her Footfall.

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Wistful Weekends – thrift find of the week.

I decided to start off my personal challenge with a bang this week. I’d spotted this gorgeous bag at a curated thrift store, Makenew earlier in the week and fell in love but didn’t have the cash on hand. Well, Friday was payday so I paid the store another visit and snapped it up immediately when I saw that it was still there.


It’s a super simple, utilitarian design aside from the etching. The inside is one structured pocket with a belt loop style closure. I love that it’s so simple, there’s barely even any hardware aside from the buckle on the strap to make it adjustable.

I also wish I actually knew how old it was. I can tell it was well loved. The folds of the leather where it opens are rubbed a little rough, but it’s nothing some good oiling can’t fix!

What do you guys think? I think I’m in love! haha.