A Week In Photos.

From left to right. 1. & 2. Foggy morning walk through the neighbourhood. 3. Visit to the dockyards and a tour of a navy ship. 4. Planning an outfit. 5. & 6. Playing with Johnny Bravo, a kitty some friends are fostering. 7. Random outfit shot. 8. Another rainy day and my baby jade plant.

Sorry for the lack of updates thus far. This week’s been a little crazy with job applications and interviews. Plus, it’s been raining/foggy for days and my body seems to have been tricked back into hibernation mode. On the other hand, the old adage of April showers bring May flowers seems to be ringing true, as I saw lots of lovely daffodils and spring flowers blooming during an early morning walk through the neighbourhood. The trees seem to be sprouting their leaves as well so I’m looking forward to walks in the Public Gardens soon!

Anyways, the rain is supposed to be letting up this weekend so hopefully I’ll be feeling a little more sartorially inspired. In the mean time, here is a roundup of photos from the past week.