Gros Morne Recap

Well, hello all you lovely readers out there. I’ve made it back from the wilds of Newfoundland safe and sound! The trip was beautiful and we got to do almost every hike and see every site that we wanted to in the park. Plans have already started brewing for the next trip!

Above is a little recap of some of the major sites we visited. The first couple is island on the horizon from the ferry deck as well as the drive in from the Port-Aux-Basques ferry terminal. The next few pictures of orange, rocky land are of the Tablelands – an ancient ocean bed risen up above sea level by continental drift. After that you can see the stark difference between the Tablelands and the rest of the green, tree-filled mountains in the area as we hiked up to the top of Lookout trail. After that there’s a couple shots of a waterfall. The falls look small in this photo, but it’s only the top end the falls are actually a couple hundred meters tall! The next several photos are of the hike into and boat tour through the fjords of glacially formed Western Brook Pond – one of the purest bodies of water in the world. Finally, the last two photos are of the drive home through the Table Mountains – not the same as the Tablelands – and the ferry ride home again.

I’d encourage anyone to visit this beautiful province. We only got to see a tiny section of the island and it was magical. Christian and I already have a couple more trips to see the Northern coast where the vikings settled and icebergs flow as well as the Eastern coast around St. John’s the province’s capital.

Regular posts are coming soon!

Until next time,


On the Rock

Please don’t mind the absence of posts this week. We took off to spend a week on the rock (Newfoundland) in Gros Morne National Park. We’ve been hiking, kayaking and hope to climb a mountain by the end of the week if our stamina holds up.

The park is beautiful, but the internet intermittent, so I thought I’d leave you with a scenic little photo and check back at the end of the week again!


The Tablelands, a former ocean bed nestled among newly formed forested mountains.