Ballerina or April?

Cardigan: thrifted // T-shirt: Everly // Earrings: handmade // Ring: Black Market Boutique

Please excuse the half outfit post (and slightly out of focus photos) today. After an hour of searching around the house I realized the piece I needed to put my camera on the tripod was nowhere to be found. So, with Christian sailing again I’m left to take the pictures myself making a full outfit post difficult until I convince someone else to snap some shots for me. I know, I know, I’m full of excuses – I’ll make it work until he’s home.

I really love this simple mustard yellow tee I picked up from Biscuit General Store downtown earlier this spring. It drapes beautifully and has a lovely, flattering cut.

The citrine earrings are the ones that I posted about earlier this week. I actually can’t even describe how much I’ve been loving them. I think I’ve worn them every day for a week. I actually ordered some more citrine and some other lovely jewels recently off of Etsy so that I’m able to make and sell more in a similar style.


PS: I love the way the new haircut looks in a little ballerina bun. I feel like pairing it with a pair of cigarette jeans and striped sweater and being a little Parisian girl. haha!

PPS: Also, with my hair out of the bun and the colour of my tee I realized I bare a striking resemblance to April O’Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles – more so than just being a ginger. Check out the full post to see what I mean, and let me know if you agree!

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Above: A pair of Aventurine and Jasper earrings I plan on putting up for sale. Keep you eyes peeled for a possible Etsy shop in my future! Below: A pair of Citrine and gold wire earrings I concocted and put together a couple of days ago.

Hey guys, trying to get back into the swing of  regular posts by giving a little teaser of sorts.

First an update, I’ve been seriously thinking about creating an Etsy shop for my jewellery this past week. Christian recently started up his own shop (here) a short time ago and has already sold a few of his beautiful prints. So, his success with it has inspired me to start up my own and hopefully have a little extra cash on hand for the summer while doing something I genuinely enjoy. Keep an eye out for it, I’ll post the link as soon as I get it up and running. The upper pair of Aventurine and Jasper earrings will definitely be up for sale in the store. Sorry that the picture is a little out of focus – that’s what you get when I’m the photog and not Christian – but they are quite stunning in person.

The second, Citrine pair are something I made for myself. I love the golden glow that they give off and the one slightly more saturated, honey coloured stone. They have also been the only pair of earrings I’ve worn since I finished them – check back later to see how I wore them with today’s outfit later!

Happy Sunday!


The Sun’s Peeking Through the Clouds.

Shirt: American Apparel // Jeans: Joe Fresh // Shoes: Aldo // Scarf: vintage/gifted // Brooch: vintage/gifted. Photos: Christian Hapgood.

To be honest, I didn’t get to spend most of the day yesterday in these shoes – at least out anyways. My heels are still pretty roughed up but I tried to wear them around the house in an effort to break them in a little bit more. Seems to be working out thus far.

You also get a bit of  a peek into my home with these shots. Christian and I have been working hard to make it something special since we moved in. The Art Nouveau poster is a reprint of an original Tosca poster from the 1910s. My lovely friend, Sarah gave it to me after I gushed to her about how I was in love with some ads of the time and art done by Alfonse Mucha. The little, mother of pearl and painted screen is an antiquing find – my very first! And you can also see that my pretty Christmas Cactus is confused about the time of year and blooming – I’m not complaining though!

I am also featuring some vintage pieces in my outfit as well. The scarf was again a birthday gift from Sarah. The brooch is a set with the earrings I mentioned in this post – given to me by my grandmother several years ago. So, I guess outfit was a little mix of the old and the new, mellow grey and a bright pop of yellow.

I might post some more photos later today. I’m meeting up with a good friend of mine that I haven’t seen in forever. We’re probably going to hit up a coffee shop and have a wander along the boardwalk or through some of the shops downtown which will be nice. Even better, I think we’re supposed to be having quite a nice spring day with sun and the temperature hanging somewhere around 16’C.